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Who Is Murray Hone? Meet Evangeline Lilly’s Ex-Husband

Murray Horne may not be as famous as other celebrities, but he became famous for his brief marriage to famous Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. Despite his relationship with famous actors, American hockey player and broadcaster Murray Hone prefers to keep a low profile. This article explores the life of Murray Hone.

His Early Life

Murray Hone is a lesser known figure. He is a famous TV presenter and also an ice hockey player. His hockey skills show his love for hockey. His transformation into a popular broadcaster has brought a new dimension to his creative experience and reflected changes in various aspects of his life.

Murray Hone Parents

He said only that his parents were alive, but gave no other details. In an interview, he said that it wasn’t because he didn’t care about his parents, but because he wanted to make things better. Murray Hone says he doesn’t like being in debt because he feels he has compassion for others. Before moving to New York, Murray studied in the small Canadian town where he was born and raised. He contributed to many plays and concerts in the city, including the famous Public Theatre.

About His Ex-Wife

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Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly. He became famous for his role in the ABC series “Lost”, which has an IMDb rating of 8.3. He appeared in “Real Steel” and many other films. Her romantic status has grown over the years, as evidenced by her relationships with co-stars Dominic Monaghan and Norman Caleigh. Evangeline Lilly is also a mother. She and Norman Callie have two children. Their first teen, a son, was born in 2011, and a daughter was born in October 2015. Lily began her lettering vocation, which decided through her temporary career, by her first volume sequence, The Squeakerwalkers, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. The story tells of a young woman who commits a “most extraordinary act” to a “family” group.

Murray Hone Career and Net Worth

Don’t know much about Murray Hone professional career, but he had a great career in ice hockey. His fame increased after he married a Canadian actress. Murray Hone net worth is not disclosed, but it is estimated at $15 million. However, it is not clear where the money came from. Most of the funding comes from the first business.

Murray Hone Life After Divorce

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After his divorce from Evangeline Lilly, Murray Hone decided to live a quiet life. There is no information about their activities after the divorce, including romantic relationships. Hone, who is said to be single, is a perfect example of an individual’s private life in an era when public attention is the norm. His choice not to appear is an expression of his desire to live a quiet and private life.

Murray Hone Social Media

Murray Hone has chosen to remain anonymous and no one knows about his activities in the media. He decided to hide his secret from prying eyes and build a safe place. His limited online presence reflects his desire to hide certain aspects of his life on social media.


Murray Hone, who wasn’t very famous before he was famous, was married to a Canadian actress for a while. He still needs privacy after his relationship with a famous woman to protect his status as an American ice hockey player. Regarding that, there is not much information available. His work showed that he loved sports, and turning to media accelerated his professional growth. His net worth is estimated at $15 million, although where his money comes from is unknown. After divorcing her first husband, she chose a quiet and simple life. After his divorce, he never met another woman.


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